One of the most effective ways to support the Rams is to establish or contribute to an endowed scholarship. Endowments guarantee a bright future for generations of CSU student-athletes by generating support each year based off of earned interest, creating a baseline of support for student-athlete scholarships.

The bond that is formed between those who establish an endowed athletics scholarship and Colorado State Athletics is permanent, ensuring that the financial resources for scholarship support will grow over time.  Building the scholarship endowment at Colorado State Athletics strengthens the ability of the university to attract, develop, and educate young leaders who represent us as dynamic students in the classroom and as fierce competitors in competition.  Simply put, establishing an endowed scholarship or investing in a current endowment is a critical factor in sustaining and enhancing the first-rate experiences Colorado State offers to its student-athletes.


An endowed scholarship provides a lasting stream of income because Colorado State holds the gift in perpetuity, investing in principle and using a portion of the annual return to fund scholarship support.  This allows for a continual stream of financial support while also increasing the endowment value.  Establishing an athletics scholarship endowment takes a commitment of $25,000, which may be pledged over five years.  Endowments that are established at $50,000 allow the donor to dictate criteria used in selecting a student-athlete honorary recipient.

Gifts to support an athletics scholarship endowment count toward your annual membership level and earn Ram Points.  Additionally, all endowment donors are invited to an exclusive annual gathering to celebrate the impact that you have on the lives of our student-athletes.

Endowment Name2016/2017 Recipient
Adolph Coors Athletic Scholarship EndowmentJasmine Hanna, Volleyball
Athletic Scholarship EndowmentHaley Hutton, Softball
Bart Tompkins Memorial Scholarship EndowmentAlec Bone, Men's Golf
Beitz-Crawshaw ScholarshipKate Kicklighter, Swimming & Diving
Bill and Jan Woods Family ScholarshipAbby Simpson, Women's Track & Field
Bill Day Memorial Scholarship EndowmentBailey King, Track & Field
Bob Reynolds Memorial ScholarshipTyree Simmons, Football
Bob and Linda Cates Scholarship EndowmentChe Bob, Men's Basketball
Cesario Memorial ScholarshipFred Zerblis, Football
Charles M. Henry Athletic ScholarshipCeline Voss, Tennis
Chester "Chet" Smith Memorial Golf ScholarshipDominic Kieffer, Men's Golf
David Gormley Track Scholarship Endowment Track & Field
Dick Kitamura Memorial Scholarship EndowmentJanelle Stone, Women's Soccer
"Doc" Bill Sullivan Memorial ScholarshipBailey Williamson, Swimming & Diving
Dr. James K. Horstman Memorial ScholarshipJimmy Makloski, Men's Golf
Edith and Emil Blasi ScholarshipZach Stefo, Football
Elmer J. Marcum Family Basketball Scholarship EndowmentRobbie Berwick, Men's Basketball
Gary Ozzello Excellence in Journalism Award EndowmentDiscretionary Support, Media Relations
Glenn & Mary Jon Chandler Family ScholarshipMadison Kilcrease, Softball
Green and Gold Foundation Athletics ScholarshipJakob Buys, Football
James R. Smith Athletic ScholarshipAJ Ott, Men's Golf
Jean Tramell Shepardson Scholarship in Athletics EndowmentHannah Tvrdy, Women's Basketball
Jerry Jackson Endowed ScholarshipMax Oelfke, Men's Golf
Jim "JJ" Williams Memorial ScholarshipJeremiah Paige, Men's Basketball
John A. Fisher Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Keli S. McGregor Memorial ScholarshipHayden Hunt, Football
Lewis J. and Jean Nelson Endowed Scholarship in AthleticsMax McDonald, Football
Luckasen Athletic Scholarship EndowmentMaddi Rodriguez, Soccer
Lyle Stucker Memorial Scholarship EndowmentJohn Freismuth, Football
Martin & Meagan Laird Men's Golf ScholarshipAJ Ott, Men's Golf
Merrill-Gheen Award EndowmentMyanne Hamm, Women's Basketball
Nelson Family ScholarshipJake Staiano, Men's Golf
R. Carlson and Family Scholarship EndowmentNick Costello, Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Ram Volleyball Network Scholarship EndowmentSanja Cizmic, Volleyball
Richard and Bernice Maycumber ScholarshipLeah Fair, Women's Track & Field
Robert and Jeanne Steinbach ScholarshipSarah Archuleta, Women's Golf
Robert Spike Baker Athletic ScholarshipKatrina Prendergast , Women's Golf
Rudy and Kay Garcia Athletics Scholarship Endowment
Saul and Joyce Brandman ScholarshipCarmen Mand, Women's Swimming
Schwartz Holding LLLP Golf Discretionary Scholarship[Discretionary Support], Men's Golf
Tatman Family ScholarshipColton Yates, Men's Golf
Terry Nugent Football ScholarshipCollin Hill, Football
Thomas M. Young Memorial ScholarshipJake Bennett, Football
Thurman F. "Fum" McGraw Memorial ScholarshipJaelyn Manzanares , Softball
Track & Cross Country Excellence Endowment[Discretionary Support] Track & Cross Country
"V for Victory" Purdom Thomas Memorial ScholarshipColby Meeks, Football
Van deWar - Ram Masters for Life Endowment[Discretionary Support], Men's Golf
Vernon McHone Track and Field Memorial ScholarshipTrack & Field
Vic & Marie Kregel Golf ScholarshipLogan Iverson, Men's Golf
Volleyball Endowment[Discretionary Support], Volleyball

"I loved my time at CSU, and I learned that the 'student' part of 'student-athlete' is invaluable - you understand how important it is to get your degree."

Dr. Greg Myers

Two-time All-American safety
College Football Hall of Fame
Anesthesiologist, Denver Health




provides the resources CSU student-athletes count on to earn their degrees and compete at their full potential. Investments in the lives of CSU student-athletes are rewarded with heightened success in the classroom, on the recruiting trail, and on the field of play.