What is the mission of the Ram Club?

The mission of Colorado State University Athletics is to EDUCATE, ENGAGE, AND EXCEL. The Ram Club supports that mission by serving Rams student-athletes, first and foremost, by giving nearly 400 student-athletes the resources that they need to excel, both academically and on the field of play.

Who is considered a Ram Club member?

All donors to CSU Athletics, regardless of donation amount or which funds their donations support, are considered Ram Club members.

Why should I join the Ram Club?

Ram Club donors are crucial to the success of Colorado State student-athletes, CSU Athletics, and Colorado State University as a whole. In addition to providing vital support to CSU Athletics, Ram Club members gain access to insider experiences and information as a thank you for their continued support.

For more information as to why the Ram Club needs your support and the benefits that you receive in return for your generosity, visit

When I donate to the Ram Club, what does my money support?

In order to provide Rams student-athletes with a world-class collegiate experience, there are a number of resources that CSU Athletics needs to provide and there are three primary methods that the Ram Club uses to support our student-athletes:

  • Directly funding student-athlete scholarships and attendance
    • The cost of offsetting student-athlete scholarships, academic support, room and board, and books has grown to over $9 million annually. Ram Club donors directly fund student-athlete scholarships and help to provide the opportunity to attend a world-class higher education institution to nearly 400 student-athletes.
  • Providing financial support for individual sport programs
    • Ram Club donors assist our individual sport programs to excel at the highest level by directly funding sport-specific discretionary funds. These funds are available to each sport to be used as an addition to their operating budget.
  • Contributing to capital projects to enhance the facilities and opportunities available to our student-athletes
    • Providing a world-class student-athlete experience requires world-class facilities. Ram Club donors help to fund capital projects and maintenance of our existing facilities so that Rams student-athletes for generations to come will be able to gain access to facilities that help them excel on the field of play and in the classroom.

Do I get access to premium or priority seating in return for donating to the Ram Club?

Premium and priority seats at the new, on-campus stadium and Moby Arena for men’s basketball will have annual, per seat donation requirements that must be received by the Ram Club prior to delivery of your season tickets. Donations associated with seating must be directed to the Football Priority Seating Fund, Football Premium Seating Fund, or Men’s Basketball Priority Seating Fund. Donations to other Rams Athletics will continue to support student-athlete scholarships and cost of attendance and will not be associated with seating donations.

How does the reseating process for the new, on-campus stadium affect my men’s basketball donations?

Annual, per seat donations have been used by CSU Athletics for new season ticket purchases since 2013. The transition to the new, on-campus stadium and the shift to annual, per seat donations for all of our football season ticketholders requires that donations associated with men’s basketball priority seating shift to a fully per seat model as well – simply put, it is not possible to operate a priority donation system that uses a per seat model for football and a grandfathered model for men’s basketball.

With that in mind, CSU Athletics and the Ram Club are placing a priority on easing the transition for our donors who support our student-athletes by purchasing season tickets. For that reason, for the 2017-18 season, if your football priority seating donation is at or above your previous giving level to CSU Athletics in 2016, your football priority seating donation will cover your required donation for both sports. If your football priority seating donation is lower than your previous giving level to CSU Athletics in 2016, you will only need to donate the difference between the donation that you make for football priority seating and your required minimum donation for men’s basketball priority seating.

I make my donation to support Rams Athletics through a recurring gift. Will I be able to continue that recurring gift to gain access to premium or priority seating?

Donating to CSU Athletics via a recurring gift for Football Priority Seating will not be an option for the 2017 season, or going forward. Donors must first select their seats during the reseating process in Spring 2017 at which point they may pay in full or enter into a payment plan.

Going forward, payment for season ticket and required seating donation costs will only be accepted via payment plans offered at the time of renewal.

If you wish to continue your recurring donation to support CSU Athletics in addition to any donations that will be required for priority seating, the Ram Club will be glad to assist you to make the necessary adjustments.

I make my donation to support Rams Athletics through a donor advised fund. Will I be able to continue giving through a donor advised fund to gain access to premium or priority seating?

Gifts for seating priority may not be made through a donor advised fund. Strict IRS regulations exist that do not allow for any benefit to be received by a donor who distributed a gift through a donor advised fund, therefore donations related to any seating location are not eligible to be made via a donor advised fund. Please contact the Ram Club with any questions regarding your giving for seating priority through a donor advised fund.

I make my donation to support Rams Athletics with the help of an employer matching gift. Will I be able to continue giving with the help of an employer matching gift to gain access to premium or priority seating?

Employer matching gifts will not be an accepted form of payment for the donation portion of your football season tickets.  In many cases, companies will not match gifts associated with a seating related benefit. Because employer matching company policies, approval processes, and payment timelines vary greatly, we will not accept payment from a company match to the Football Priority Seating Fund.  By paying in full or as part of an offered payment plan, the entirety of your priority seating contribution must be received prior to delivery of your season tickets.

Can I join the Ram Club if I do not want season tickets?

Yes! The mission of the Ram Club is to serve Rams student-athletes, first and foremost, by giving nearly 400 student-athletes the resources that they need to excel, both academically and on the field of play. While many Ram Club members take advantage of the opportunity to support Rams student-athletes during competition by purchasing season tickets and donations to priority or premium seating funds are made to secure seat locations, anyone can join the Ram Club by donating any amount to any Athletics fund.

What are the ways that I can make a gift to the Ram Club to support CSU Athletics?

There are many ways that Ram Club donors support CSU Athletics and Rams student-athletes.

  • Annual Giving: Annual giving is the core of the Ram Club. By donating consistently on an annual basis to any fund within the Ram Club, annual giving Ram Club members provide a reliable source of funding for CSU Athletics and Rams student-athletes.
  • Capital Giving: Donating to fund capital projects, such as the new, on-campus stadium or the Anderson Academic Center, helps to ensure that Rams student-athletes have access to the best facilities possible. These facilities support our student-athletes not only in their athletics pursuits, but as they excel academically as well.
  • Endowments: Endowments guarantee a stable base of funding for CSU Athletics for decades to come. By investing endowments funds, CSU Athletics can grow the resources available to fund student-athlete scholarships in order to become more self-sufficient. Ram Club members can start an endowment to support Athletics scholarships by donating a minimum of $50,000 over five years or, they can support a current endowment by donating to that endowment fund.
  • Ram Legacy Club: Ram Legacy Club donors are a special group of friends of CSU Athletics who support CSU Athletics with a pledge of $50,000 over a five-year period. Legacy Club donors are able to play a significant role in the lives of student-athletes as they are get to enjoy a personal connection with a current CSU student-athlete who is the honorary recipient of their gift.

How can I donate to the Ram Club?

There are many easy, convenient ways to donate to CSU Athletics and become a Ram Club member.

  • Pledge: Pledges show your ongoing commitment to the Ram Club by spreading a donation commitment over multiple payments. Pledges can be paid off in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments with a minimum donation per payment of $10. For all future pledge amounts, 2 Ram Points per $100 committed are received.
  • Cash Donations: Cash donations to the Ram Club are accepted by CSU Athletics and the CSU Foundation. To ensure that your donation is properly recorded in your name, please provide the Ram Club with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (if applicable) when making a cash donation as we want to make sure that you get credit for your generosity.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Credit/Debit cards are one of the easiest ways to make your donation to support the Ram Club. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted by the Ram Club and the CSU Foundation.
  • Check: Checks are accepted by the Ram Club and the CSU Foundation. If you plan to donate via check, please make sure to fill out the memo line to let us know what fund you would like your donation to support. Checks can be mailed to the Ram Club offices or directly to the CSU Foundation at the addresses below:
    • Ram Club offices: 101 McGraw Athletics Center, 0120 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523
    • CSU Foundation: 410 University Services Center, Fort Collins, CO 80523
  • Planned Giving: It’s never too early for a donor to start thinking about the legacy he or she wants to leave at Colorado State University. A planned gift can enable donors to make the greatest impact and ensure success for future Rams student-athletes.
  • Matching Gifts: Many Ram Club donors take advantage of generous gift matching opportunities provided to them by their employer. Matching gifts allow you to maximize the impact of your personal giving. If you intend to take advantage of matching gifts for donations associated with seating priority, please view our FAQ which can give more specific information regarding matching gifts and seating priority donations.
  • Online Giving: If you prefer to make donations online, the Ram Club offers a full choice to support all of our funds online. Gifts to the Ram Club can be made online by visiting
  • Securities: CSU is happy to accept gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities. Some donors may even accrue tax advantages for donating appreciated securities. Please consult with your tax adviser to determine tax-deductibility of your gift. Gifts are valued based on the average of the high and low prices on the day the securities are received in CSU Foundation accounts or at CSU Foundation offices. To get started, please contact CSU Foundation at (970) 491-7135. For more information on making a gift to Colorado State University via securities, please visit

Can I pay my Ram Club donation in installments?

Yes! Installment plans are available to Ram Club members. Installment plans are available on an annual, monthly, and quarterly basis with a minimum donation amount per installment of $10. As an important note, donations associated with seating will be made via payment plans offered at the time of renewal.

Does donating to CSU Athletics help qualify for CSU 1870 Club membership?

Yes! Donating to any Colorado State University college or unit, including Athletics, is counted towards CSU 1870 Club membership. To be eligible for CSU 1870 Club membership, your total donations to CSU must be $1,870 or more during each calendar year.

How many members are in the Ram Club?

Over 7,000 Ram Club members supported CSU Athletics and our student-athletes in 2016. Thank you for your continued generosity!

What are Ram Points?

Ram Points have been used by the Colorado State University Athletics Department since 2009 to determine priority when allocating seat assignments for home, away, and postseason games, parking lot assignments, seat improvement requests, and other special event access. Ram Points can be earned in three main categories – Loyalty, CSU Affinity, and Financial Support. For more information on Ram Points, please visit

Can Ram Points be transferred between accounts?

While season tickets may be transferred between accounts, Ram Points are earned by the individual who made the gift associated with those points. For that reason, Ram Points are non-transferable between individuals and their accounts. For example, because donations were made by a mother and father in their Athletics account, the Ram Points earned from those donations may not be transferred to their children.

Are donations to the Ram Club tax-deductible?

Yes! Donations to CSU Athletics are tax-deductible. Donations that do not result in tangible benefits for the donor, such as donations to the Athletics Scholarship Fund, are usually 100% tax-deductible. Donations that do result in tangible benefits for the donors, such as membership in a sport-specific booster club with donor gifts, are usually 80% tax-deductible. The Ram Club and the CSU Foundation recommends consulting with your tax advisor regarding donations to CSU Athletics and their tax-deductible value.