All donors to CSU Athletics are included as members of the Ram Club and can give to any area within athletics that they wish to support. Funding student-athlete scholarships alone has risen to over $7 million annually. As the Ram Club grows in membership and support, more resources can be allocated to areas that put the Rams in the best position to achieve academic and athletic success.

Simply put, the Ram Club provides the resources that provide educational and athletic opportunities to nearly 400 student-athletes each year and ensures the best possible experience for the men and women who dedicate so much of themselves to Colorado State, all while elevating the status of Ram Athletics.

Ram Club memberships are designed to maximize the fan experience and truly make you a part of the Ram Family! In return for the investment into the lives of CSU student-athletes, Ram Club members receive the most exclusive access to CSU Athletics possible and create the momentum that will lead the Rams to unparalleled success. The Ram Club community enjoys numerous benefits throughout the year including seating priority and special invites to events that give you the inside scoop on your favorite programs, athletes, and coaches. To learn more about how membership will impact your experience as a Ram fan, contact the Ram Club office to speak to a staff member today!

Gifts to the Ram Club are charitable gifts and are tax deductible. Current regulations allow Ram Club members to claim 80% of their gift as charitable if they choose to receive seating priority through their membership. The Ram Club staff is happy to answer any questions members have about their gift.

When you join the CSU Ram Club you are investing in the future of Ram Athletics and the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

Colorado State University Athletics is committed to attracting, educating, developing, and graduating the most qualified student-athletes in the nation. Ram Club memberships directly offset the rising cost of higher education and athletic opportunities for our student-athletes as they dedicate themselves to their university and community and share their unique talents with us as fans, alumni and supporters.

Your financial support grants you access to the people and programs that make Ram Athletics great by offering outstanding benefits which secure you as part of the Ram Family. Make a difference and support the force behind the championship quality, attitude, and performance of CSU Athletics!

Learn more about the many Ram Club membership benefits or contact Ram Club with any questions.


David Crum

Senior Associate A.D. for Development
(970) 491-1665

Jay McMillin

Assistant A.D. for Development
(970) 491-7346

Terry Hemme

Director of Annual Fund
(970) 492-4121

Eric Hjelm

Assistant Annual Fund Coordinator for Ticketing and Internal Operations
(970) 491-2222

Chris Wright

Denver Development Manager
(303) 376-2603
Athletic headshot by Emerald McIntyre/ULM Photo Services

Jami Baker

Assistant Annual Fund Coordinator for External Relations
(970) 491-2567

Sean Wheeler

Athletics Development Intern
(970) 491-7291

Layne Doctson

Athletics Development Intern
(970) 491-3688

Michelle Bradley

Event Producer
(970) 491-0829


The CSU Ram Club Board of Directors is made of up community volunteers who work to enhance the exposure, reach, and effectiveness of the Ram Club. Members volunteer their time, effort, and resources to ensure that Ram Club membership is valuable to members, rewarding to supporters, and impactful on the lives of CSU student-athletes.

Kevin Keefe, President

KeefeKevin Keefe has been a fan and supporter of CSU Athletics for over 40 years.  As vice president of the Board of Directors during the 2015-2016 year, Kevin has led efforts to generate added revenue to support student-athletes by securing new donors and event sponsorships.  The quality and integrity of Rams student-athletes, coaches, and staff are things that stand out to Kevin, and make him proud that CSU Athletics “does things the right way.”  Kevin’s favorite moment while supporting the Rams was the 1990 Freedom Bowl win vs. Oregon, and his favorite team and season is the 2015-16 women’s basketball squad.

The importance of supporting student-athletes is important to Kevin because of “the hard work and dedication in and out of competition put in by the student-athletes.  Not only do they excel in their respective sports, they excel in the classroom and community.  They become real leaders.  The demands of their sport does not allow the ability to have a job, so scholarships are important.  Many of the student-athletes would not be able to attend college without an athletics scholarship.  Our student-athletes make me PROUD to be a CSU Ram!”

Audrie Diel, Secretary

Audrie has been a fan and supporter of Rams Athletics since she enrolled as a freshman in 2002.  Audrie feels lucky to have remained in Fort Collins sing graduation and has been active in supporting the Rams ever since, as a donor and season ticketholder to multiple sports.  It’s the student-athletes that make Rams Athletics important to Audrie.  Among other reasons, she believes that the academic support these unique students receive is incredible and partaking in team sports helps prepare student-athletes for the business environment in many ways.  Favorite experiences with the Rams include travelling to see teams compete across the country, exposing CSU to people around the United States.  The pride of congregating with other fans in unique settings to cheer on our young leaders adds meaning to her experience as a fan and donor.

“I believe it’s important to financially support student-athletes because many of these students would not be students without our support. We want these student-athletes to find a home at CSU and we can help that happen with financial aid.”

David Haase, Former Board President


Brian Grauberger

Grauberger, Brian March 2016

Since attending a basketball camp hosted by Larry Brown on the CSU campus at the age of 12, Brian has had a strong connection with Colorado State University and Fort Collins.  Entering CSU as a student in 1984 solidified his connection with the university, and he and his wife have been football season ticketholders since the early 90’s.  The importance of collegiate athletics is clear to Brian, since unless a graduates’ career is based around research or academia, athletics is one of the few ways to maintain and foster a relationship with CSU alumni.  While academics will always be the first priority of a university, success in athletics enhances the visibility of the institution as a whole and allows for recruiting of high-quality students in general.  Brian believes that CSU alumni are much more likely to be engaged financially and through their service when athletics are achieving at a high level.

The 1994 football game vs. the Utah Utes was sold out and nationally televised, and made Brian realize that CSU can achieve excellence in athletics.  The Boyd Grant era for CSU men’s basketball is also a cherished era for Brian, as Moby Arena was regularly packed and students would wait for hours to pick up tickets.  The history of success for Rams Athletics provides many examples of how supporting student-athlete success strengthens the overall culture surrounding Colorado State University.  According to Brian, “I honestly believe that at the university level, academics and athletics are tied together.  If the CSU athletic programs achieve greatness, the fan and alumni support for the University will benefit.  There is a sense of pride that comes with winning, and I know personally, I am more apt to give to the University as a whole when I feel this pride.”

Kris Nylander

Brian Zick

Tony Phifer

Tony Phifer has followed Rams Athletics since childhood, and then covered the Rams as a writer since 1979.  Currently, Tony works for the Division of External Affairs at Colorado State University, lending a wealth of experience to the area and adding valuable perspective to the Ram Club Board of Directors.  Tony appreciates what CSU Athletics contributes to the community.  Games provide opportunities to socialize and support something that many in our community believe in.  Additionally, the coaches and students who represent CSU in competition do a tremendous amount in the community through volunteer service and add value to Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.  Some of Tony’s favorite moments from years of supporting the Rams are the 1989 men’s basketball defeat of Florida in the NCAA Tournament, the 1997 Holiday Bowl win over Missouri.  In his words, “I’ve gotten to see Becky Hammon shoot, Bryan Berryhill run, Loree Smith hurl the hammer, Steve Bartalo rumble, Sonny Lubick coach, Martin Laird putt, Hollywood Higgins shake, Janay DeLoach jump, Fum McGraw sing, and Greg Myers enter the College Football Hall of Fame. Of course, any victory in any sport over CU is ALWAYS a highlight! And I’ll be able to say I saw CSU build TWO football stadiums in my lifetime!”

As for his interest in financially supporting student-athletes, Tony explains “I don’t suppose I’m any different from anyone else in that I like to see my investments pay dividends. That said, I like investing in CSU student-athletes because the rate of return is so high. Not only do I get to see them compete as Rams, I get to see them grow and mature during their time at CSU. And after that, many of them go on to become amazing adults — doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, business leaders and coaches. I wish all of my investments had such a high rate of return!”

Ryan Schaefer

Ryan Schleisman

Cathy Toomey

Bill Woods

WoodsBill Woods (’58) has been involved with Rams Athletics since the early 1980’s, when he moved to Fort Collins after retiring from the United States Army.  Bill has served the university in many capacities, serving on boards for the Alumni Association, Ram Alumni Athletes Association, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.  Bill feels that the importance of Rams Athletics lies in its ability to enhance visibility of campus, encouraging alumni and visitors to experience Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community.  Bill’s favorite CSU Athletics moments are the annual painting of the A on the foothills, which includes student-athletes and the general student population on campus.  The A is the largest symbol of its kind in the nation.  In addition, the announcement of the new, on-campus stadium serves as a highlight.

According to Bill, “It is important to financially support student-athletes because it allows the university to support students that may not be able to attend college with the support.  It makes it possible to attract outstanding student-athletes, allows for more athletics programs, and makes possible state-of-the-art facilities.”


PURPOSE: To provide philanthropic support to CSU Athletics via Engagement, Advocacy, & Giving

ROLE: The Denver Advisory Board promotes the mission of the CSU Athletics Department through philanthropy and volunteerism to build the brand, increase membership and increase revenues in the Denver market and shared networks within the CSU community. This is done by pursuing engagement, practicing advocacy and leading by example through giving.

Contact any of us for information on how you can make a difference for CSU Athletics!

Kittie Hook

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Managing Director
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Wendy Nakao, '84

Safety Engineer, Hazen Research
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Scott Sparks, '89

Sparks Financial – Northwestern Mutual
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William Fowler, '85

Senior Vice President, Daniels Fund
E-mail William Fowler

Kirk Hulbert, '74 & '76

President, Hulbert Electronic Sales
E-mail Kirk Hulbert

Henry Dougan '03

CFA, Transamerica Asset Management
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Darryl Hudspeth

High Point Financial Group
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Tonya Everist '87

Account Executive, CBS4 TV
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Mark D. Campbell, '77

President, South Western Investment Advisors, Inc.
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